Improving care for patients with diabetic foot disease

A new framework to improve care for patients with diabetic foot disease has just been published.

The framework recommends service provision to improve care with the following aims according to NHS England and Diabetes UK:

  • To get better, as quickly as possible, whilst reducing risk of further morbidity.
  • To avoid hospital admission if possible, and certainly admission to a hospital that is distant from home.
  • To avoid major and minor amputation.
  • To be managed speedily, effectively and efficiently with management plans focused on the patient’s individual circumstances and their personal needs.
  • To have their diabetes and other medical conditions well managed at the same time that their foot disease is being assessed and treated.

The recommendations cover:

  • Commissioning
  • Service design
  • Foot screening
  • Foot protection
  • Multi-disciplinary foot care service
  • Outpatient Management of Acute Diabetic Foot Complications
  • Management of Diabetic Foot Emergencies, including discharge Planning
  • Management of the patient undergoing major amputation
  • Monitoring implementation using the National Diabetes Footcare Audit (NDFA)
  • Training