6500+ certificates issued to date!!!

CDEP has now issued over 6500 certificates following the successful completion of one of its topics!

Before each certficate is issued, people are asked to rate the impact of undertaking the specific topic on their competency, confidence and diabetes guideline familiarity.

Scoring is on a 5 point scale (1= significantly worse, 3 = no change and 5 = significantly improved).

The average score across all the topic certificates (n= 6513) is:

  • Competence = 4.11 out of 5
  • Confidence = 4.07 out of 5
  • Guideline Familiarity = 4.08 out of 5

In January 2018 alone, CDEP issued over 440 topic certificates (that's 14 certificates each and every day of the week) proving CDEP is 'do-able' within a busy healthcare staff's life!!!