19,000+ topics completed on CDEP

Healthcare staff, working in different health sectors, from a wide variety of disciplines and levels of diabetes care, have between them completed over 19,000 CDEP topics!!!

There are currently 20 different topics to choose from - each generating its own CPD certificate and reflection document on completion.

The topic list is arranged with the most essential topics offered first, depending on the person's healthcare sector they work in, their role and patient group they support.

CDEP has a 100% feedback rate on the impact of undertaking the specific topic on the staff member's competency, confidence and guideline familiarity in relation to the topic completed.

Average post topic feedback scoring is 4.16 out of a possible 5.


1 = significantly worse,

2 = worse,

3 = no change,

4 = improved and

5 = significantly improved.