About the Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme

A diabetes competency-based e-learning platform

The Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme was designed and tested by a multi-disciplinary diabetes specialist team consisting of nurses, dietitians, podiatrists, health care assistants, general practitioners and hospital consultants.

It is based on UK nationally recognised diabetes framework of competencies for healthcare practitioners, to ensure that they have the right diabetes skills and knowledge to support patients living with diabetes.

The various UK diabetes competency frameworks CDEP utilises are:

CDEP's content is continually reviewed and further developed to ensure the learning opportunities offered are evidence-based, up-to-date and relevant to the target audience. CDEP's outcomes are routinely audited to ensure we are meeting healthcare practitioners needs.

CDEP audit outcomes

In our last audit (March 2018 n=6684), impressively, 99.6% of our CDEP users report that undertaking a CDEP topic either confirms their high level of diabetes knowledge (13.5%) or alternatively supports an improvement in their diabetes knowledge (86.1%).

For those reporting an improvement, the breakdown across our 3 outcomes domains is as follows:

  • 87% of users rate an improvement or significant improvement in competence.
  • 85% of users rate an improvement or significant improvement in confidence.
  • 86% of users rate an improvement or significant improvement in familiarity with diabetes guidelines

CDEP is a proud product of ...



  • Very good chapter and an appropriate level - hugely increased my knowledge on a practical level.

  • Very relevant to my practice. New information and very good resources...

  • A useful way to fit your study into a crowded lifestyle - small pieces that can be accessed when you need them.

  • This course gave me a new perspective on the disease.

  • This has been really helpful as I will be conducting foot exams in my practise and this has improved my knowledge a lot.