How to use CDEP

People new to using CDEP may find the below instructions helpful ...

CDEP is based on ADULT EDUCATION principles and therefore its format is a little different to a traditional training package where the user is asked to go through all the learning material prior to undertaking the assessment at the end of the topic.

By embedding the assessment within the 'bite-sized' learning content, CDEP helps you quickly identify what you already know (boosting your confidence) and uncovers any gaps in knowledge to help focus your learning.


There are a number of different topics available to choose from, which can be completed in any order.

After completing a topic, you are able to generate a reflection document and certificate, so you do not have to complete all the topics before you are able to gain evidence for your continuing professional development (CPD).

CDEP tailors the list of topics we offer you into essential learning and other topics depending on your selected health service sector and patient group so that you can focus first on the most important topics for your role.


Within each topic, there are a series of competencies that you will need to pass to demonstrate your overall competency for that topic. These competencies are based on the relevant UK Diabetes Competency Framework. The number and level of competencies required, is determined according to your specified registration level that you selected when you created your account. They are:

1) Core = minimum level for a staff member having any contact with people living with diabetes

2) Intermediate = roles that have regular contact with people living with diabetes (such as those who administer medications and provide basic care, but do not prescribe / adjust medication)

3) Diabetes specialist = roles that directly support people managing their diabetes (such as diagnose diabetes or complications, prescribe and/or adjust medication, etc.)

4) Diabetes expert = roles that intensively support complex patients with diabetes

5) Diabetes consultant = roles that are responsible for managing a specialist caseload, as well as leading service design, workforce planning, business case development, etc.

If your CDEP registration level is incorrect, you can easily change your level in the 'My Account' section of the website.

PLEASE NOTE: the CDEP registration level is not an overall assessment of your wider expertise as a healthcare practitioner, but is the minimum level of diabetes-specific competency your current role requires you to possess. Therefore, not all healthcare staff of the same profession will need to have the same diabetes competency level - some may require core, while others intermediate, diabetes specialist or higher competencies depending on the level of support they offer people with diabetes.

Competency assessment:

A series of questions (quiz) will be automatically generated for you once you have clicked on a chosen competency. The quiz will typically contain between 3 and 6 questions and once you have answered them all, (by clicking on one or more of the possible answers), you will immediately be shown your results, the expected answers and the questions which were answered correctly or incorrectly.

Consistent with competency-based education, an 80% pass mark is required in order to progress. If unsuccessful, you will be offered the opportunity to re-take the quiz with a new set of questions, or choose another topic or competency.

Should you attempt a specific competency 3 times and still be unsuccessful, you will be locked out of that competency until you have accessed at least one relevant resource. Thereafter, you may attempt the competency again.

All competencies within a specific topic need to be passed in order for a certificate of competency for that topic to be generated. Certificates are valid for 2 years after which time you will be asked to retake the topic to demonstrate skills maintenance as well as new competencies that may have been added during the 2 years since you last undertook the topic.


To assist you in completing the topic, there are a series of resources linked to each competency. The resources can be viewed prior to starting the quiz, during, as well as after the quiz, should you wish to do so.

Each resource is linked to a CDEP registration level (e.g. core, intermediate, diabetes specialist and so on). This is to help you select the type of resource you may require. The higher the registration level linked to the resource, the more in-depth the resource will be. This does not mean that diabetes specialist resources may not be of interest to core or intermediate staff and visa versa. Core resources are often also good patient resources, so may be useful for diabetes specialist staff to review.

and finally...

CDEP supports health professionals' confidence, allowing them to quickly work through areas they already know and to be exposed to other areas that may require a refresh of skills and knowledge or further learning. This will make it easier for staff to focus their diabetes-related study, while demonstrating areas of excellent practice.

CDEP's content is regularly reviewed, evidence-based, up-to-date and clinically relevant to the target audience. CDEP's outcomes are routinely audited to ensure we are meeting healthcare practitioners needs.

If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance:

Candice Ward
Lead CDEP Educator