Gaining access to CDEP ...

CDEP costs £25 for 12 months access.

The payment is requested via PayPal when you click on the 1st PAID topic.

CDEP offers significant discounts to organisations who wish to purchase bulk licences for staff training.

Discounts available depending on the number of licences purchased:

  • 01-24 licences = £25.00 each
  • 25-74 licences = £23.75 each
  • 75-199 licences = £22.50 each
  • 200-499 licences = £21.25 each
  • 500-999 licences = £15.00 each
  • 1000 or more licences = £10.00 each

What is included in a bulk license purchase?

  • Each licence can be used to create a single CDEP account, which is valid for 12 months from the date of registration.
  • Staff are able to create their own CDEP accounts using a special registration key code to obtain free access to CDEP at the point of registration.
  • All bulk licences should be utilised within 2 years from the purchase date – extensions can be granted should they be required on a case-by-case basis.
  • All new content developed is added to CDEP accounts free of charge.
  • Commissioners and diabetes training leads are eligible for access to the CDEP's Reporting Dashboard in order to monitor uptake and outcomes within their staffing cohort.
  • Video conferences to raise awareness of CDEP amongst key staff members can be arranged as part of the roll-out of CDEP.
  • Provision of material (CDEP flyers with the relevant registration information and FAQs, generic slide decks, etc.) for commissioners to utilise to support uptake.
  • CDEP will send out email newsletters to CDEP users and commissioners, at appropriate intervals, making them aware of new features and contents to promote ongoing engagement with training.
  • If a licence has been utilised to create an account, but at 6 months no learning activity has occurred, despite regular gentle nudging by CDEP, the account will be archived and the licence removed for re-use.
  • CDEP email and online chat support are available.

StaffgroupCDEP currently supports many CCGs and Trusts deliver staff diabetes training to meet the outcomes identified as part of their diabetes transformation plans around:

  • promoting the achievement of treatment targets,
  • improving the uptake of structured education,
  • supporting multidisciplinary foot care teams and
  • delivering inpatient DSN services

by providing easily accessible, high-quality, online diabetes education to promote optimal diabetes management and patient safety.

For more information, please contact CDEP