Structured Diabetes Education

Knowledge is one of the 3 key components, alongside motivation and behavioural skills, that support people look after their own health, prevent or manage illness and maintain a good quality of life.

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Over 4200 people have already completed this topic.
Feedback is very positive ...

  • "The topic was well presented with good use of visual learning aids and links to relevant resources. It was broken down into decent-sized chunks to make it easy to follow and dip in and out of."
  • "I enjoyed this topic and learned a lot from doing it. I feel it will enhance my role as a practice nurse seeing people with diabetes."
  • "This topic has helped me re-think my style of teaching to gain more effective communication with patients."
  • "This section was very helpful with a lot of hints, tips and misconceptions about diabetes."
  • "Useful for clinicians to review how they approach patients regarding motivating self-care when appointment times are so short."
  • "I enjoyed completing this topic. It highlighted gaps in my knowledge and enabled me to have a greater understanding of how to achieve more successful management of diabetes."
  • "Education and encouragement empowers patients to understand and take a more active part in managing diabetes."
  • "I enjoyed this topic, despite thinking, at the beginning, that I wouldn't. I have certainly learnt something and understand more about the importance of correct data capture."

This CDEP topic was developed together with an expert panel supported by the ...

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