NEW career and competency framework for pharmacists in diabetes launched

Diabetes UK annouce the launch of the first Integrated Career and Competency for Pharmacists in Diabetes.

Victoria Ruszala, Specialist Pharmacist Diabetes and Endocrinology, North Bristol NHS Trust, together with UK Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA) Diabetes & Endocrinology Group developed this framework, mirroring the TREND competency framework for diabets nursing, to support the pharmacist profession.

'The Royal Pharmaceutical Society commends the work of this group to develop a framework to support pharmacists managing patients with diabetes. We will continue to work with UKCPA to align to the wider Professional Curricula being developed to support the pharmacy workforce to deliver safe and effective care to patients in all care settings.' Paul Bennett CEO RPS

This competency framework is mapped over 4 levels while the other frameworks (as well as CDEP) are mapped over 5 levels. The Pharmacy Framework has, in general, combined level 1 & 2 (CDEP level's core and intermediate), so all qualified pharmacists wishing to undertake CDEP should register at intermediate level as a minimum.

Download [680.69 KB]