Diabetes UK London Bridges Challenge

Charlotte's experience...

HCPs often talk about the real benefits of being in the company of other people living with Diabetes. I always find that they are right but it’s often an afterthought for me.

On Sunday 30 September 2018, my family and I completed the Diabetes UK London Bridges Challenge. 12 London Bridges, ten miles and lots of blood tests - all completed in about three hours! Also important in raising vital funds for Diabetes UK of course. My inspiration for the walk was the amazing care I had from the CUH Diabetes Foot team when I broke my foot twelve months ago.

I’d really liked to say I’d spent months training (I hadn’t) and fine tuning what I was doing with sugar and insulin levels (I had probably done enough of that, but there’s always room for more!). I was delighted to see the finish line for the sense of achievement and so I could mutter “never again” to my mum and sister. Extremely hard work, partly an indicator of my levels of fitness but I would highly recommend it!

Aside from the pain and discomfort, there are two memories from Sunday that will stay with me for some time..... The most important thing was seeing 5000 other people all in blue t-shirts raising money just like me and knowing that they all “get” living with Diabetes in one way or another. Secondly, the kindness of strangers who didn’t judge, but simply stopped to offer help and haribos as I stopped to test my blood.

Now where is that registration form for 2019...