NHS Lunch & Learn Webinar: Type 1 Diabetes in Children and Young Adults (0-25yrs)

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This NHS Diabetes Programme Lunch & Learn Webinar was aimed at supporting health care staff to improve treatment, care and outcomes for children and young adults with Type 1 diabetes.


  • Data insights
  • Identifying Type 1 diabetes in children and young adults
  • Transition and young adult care
  • Patient facing resources
  • Latest technology


  • Dr Fulya Mehta (National Clinical Lead for Children and Young Adults Diabetes)
  • Dr Reza Zaidi (Young Adult Advisor, Consultant Diabetologist)
  • Verity Hawkes (NHS Diabetes Programme)


  • Candice Ward (Lead, Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme)

You are welcome to watch the recording as well as download a PDF of the slide deck and DKA online learning tool

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CDEP Type 1 Webinar Slide Deck [5.90 MB]

Diabetes Dont Miss The Diagnosis 1.0 [1.68 MB]